6 Dress Codes for Formal Occasions

featuredimage 6 Dress Codes for Formal Occasions - 6 Dress Codes for Formal Occasions

You need to dress well for an event. More importantly, you should choose the right kind of dress for every event so that you don’t get into an awkward situation where the entire crowd will be watching you.

The way you dress tells a lot about your personality and fashion sense. So, you should know how to dress right for the event. If you have a formal occasion like a wedding or business meeting to attend then you have to be more careful as it will spoil your image if you wear the wrong kind of dress. Here are some dress codes you should know for formal occasions.

White tie

This dress code is for the Academy Awards ceremony and state dinners. Women should wear floor-length formal evening gowns and men should wear a tuxedo with a long jacket, white shirt, and white bow tie.

Black tie

This code is reserved for evening parties. Women can either wear a floor-length evening gown or knee-length dress. Men should wear a tuxedo and black bow tie. This outfit is appropriate for a wedding, business event or even when visiting high-end casinos.

Usually, most casinos don’t have such strict rules on dress code, but if you go to high-end casinos then you have to maintain the proper dress code. You can now play casino games online as well from home.

When playing all slots casino games, for example, you can dress up and play to get the luxury feeling of visiting a brick-and-mortar casino.

Creative black tie

If the dress code is a creative black tie, then you can wear formal wear with a modern twist. So, women can choose a knee-length dress instead of a gown or wear pants with a silk top. Men can wear a tuxedo with a black shirt and patterned bow tie.


At semi-formal events, women can wear a dressy skirt or cocktail dress. Men can wear a suit and tie or dress pants and a shirt. Remember, the dress has to be something between formal and casual wear.

Cocktail attire

This dress code is for festivals or fun occasions. Women can wear a knee-length dress and men can wear a jacket and tie. This type of dress code is something in between formal and semi-formal.

Business Casual

You should wear a casual dress that is appropriate for the workplace. For women, it can be a skirt with a pretty top or pants. Men can wear khakis, jackets, or polo shirts.

You should remember these dress codes so that when you receive an invitation to an event, you know what to wear. Sometimes, not wearing the proper outfit can be embarrassing. At venues like high-end casinos, you won’t be allowed to enter the casino unless you are wearing the right outfit. So, you should choose your dress carefully when attending a formal event.